Who we are 

Our program what we offer and furture plans:
     Kindred Spirits is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charity dedicated to bringing our trained miniature horses to visit and interact with people of all ages who may be suffering  mentally, physically or emotionally. Our unique  programs are tailored to provide activities for individuals in need. Our target audience includes at-risk youths, children who are grieving the loss of a parent or sibling, veterans suffering from PTSD as well as other physical or emotional trauma. These activities are designed improve the ability to connect, stimulate tactile response, enhance motor skills, encourage use of the senses, and generally lift spirits through interactive therapy with miniature horses.  Kindred Spirits was founded as a way to bring joy to people and share my love for these amazing little horses. I wanted to have a positive impact our community, and perhaps leave a legacy behind in the process. I am extremely excited to say that this idea has taken off and we receive calls/e-mails almost daily to inquire about our program.

     We currently have 32 facilities we coordinate w/reguarly for visits; with an average of 100 beds per facility that’s a lot of smiling faces!  among those phone calls are Schools for disabled children/adults, Libraries, college campuses, and assisted living facilities from as far as Panama City! Most recently Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital in Pensacola and several shelters for famlies devistated by Hurricane Michael.  We also participate in Several Area Events Paws for Vets, several Breast Cancer awareness events, walks for Autisim and our own City of Crestview Fall festival.   
     Since founding Kindred Spirits in 2015, it has been fully self-funded. I wanted to make sure I had the community support, knowledge and all the tools to succeed in my endeavor to help others before branching out.  Everything is now in place, and we are a recognized 501(c) 3. This status now allows the program to accept donations and apply for grants so it may continue to grow and provide these services to all interested. This year we started a volunteer program and have been quite pleased with the support we have been getting. Our Volunteer handbook and training guide are complete and available.
     We thank you for your intrest in our program and most of all our "boys".  Please follow our Journey on Facebook today, Link below.