Our Store

Im often asked about our potty bags or shoes so here I will share the contact info for those items as well as any items we may offer as a fundraiser:

Amazon ~ Try Smile.Amazon.com 

We get .5% donations make to our program if you use smile.Amazon.com and select our program.  So- for all my fellow Deployed and on-line shoppers like myself select the logo below to get started.

Halters ~ Kustom Fit Halters LLP

We get all of our two toned halters from Kustom Fit Halters.  We love their quality and the ability to personalize them be it color or names is a big bonus for our team.

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Shoes ~ Equine Fusion

We used to LOVE our cute Build a Bear shoes with all of the cute styles.  But as always kids grow up and we needed something durable and functional.  We now LOVE our Equine Fusion shoes. Be a 5k or walk through the Hospital they stay on look gret and perform well. 

Vests ~ Pet Joy-Wiredog

Aside from my hubby being silly this vest was our master piece.  We call it our "Awareness Vest" it has the ribbions of most things that are dear to us. All the ribbions were purchased individually from Ebay, along with patches then sent to the wonderful team at PetJoy. They do wonderfull things with our vests and are always willing to try something new, you can even sent your own material. Just make sure its durable, minis are tough on their clothes. :)

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T-Shirts ~ Extreme Concepts

We get ALL of our t-shirts, post cards, stickers, banners, bracelets, Polos, Jackets everything from Extreme Concepts.  Locally owned business and always a pleasure to work with.

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Potty Bags ~ Angel Anthony Filby

We get all of our potty bags from Angel, not only are they colored to match the horse but they are washable.  We have been using her potty bags for three years not and they are still in great shape. 
Of course our boys are potty trained but it does make the facilities feel alot better when they see them AND I dont have to worry about their vest moving around!

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**Also of NOTE: Angel will take your unwanted or retired wedding gowns and turn them into wonderful gowns for babies that are still born. for their services. All you have to do is coordinate with her and mail it away and she will share with you the finished product. <3

Our Artwork ~ Katie Stone-Piersma

Katie has done all of our artwork.  We use her lovley pictures for stickers, color books (we truened them back into drawings) and t-shirts skys the limit but this is one amazing artist.

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Hats ~ Cathys Creations

A new shop with lots of promise.  They do all kinds of personalization and to almost anything you can think of.

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Welding ~ Our Van

This was a project. I wanted the van to be safe for us and the boys.  Blake Fortner of 4H Welding pulled it off nicely. I gave him the measurements and a rough idea and it turned out great.

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